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Spirituality &Understanding

Religious Studies

The religions of the world have tremendous influence on the world’s communities and cultures.

Religions shape every aspect of life including political and economic policies, human rights, literature, art, and the environment. At Loyola, you will explore the past, present, and emerging future of these religions. You will examine what people believe, why they believe it, and how their beliefs form private and public lives.

Undergraduate Degree Programs

Bachelor of Arts in Religious Studies

Our Jesuit community has long been committed to understanding the various religions of the world. By deepening your understanding of spirituality and religions both well-known and little-known, you will join in the Jesuit tradition of exploring your world in new ways. Whatever your beliefs, we invite you to explore with us as we grow in appreciation of each other.

Religious Studies, Christianity

Religious Studies, World Religions

Bachelor of Arts in Religious Studies to Master of Pastoral Studies or Master of Religious Education

As a Religious Studies major, you have deepened your understandings of yourself and others through an examination of various religion’s responses to fundamental human questions about the meaning of life, death, and human suffering. Joining the dual bachelor's and master's degree program allows you to cultivate these understandings and put your faith in action. The Master of Pastoral Studies (MPS) or Master of Religious Education (MRE) degree prepares you for work and ministry in religious or secular settings as you learn the practical theology that guides ministry, practice the communication and organizational skills that support ministry, and engage in a process of theological reflection that embraces an Ignatian model of action-reflection-action. This degree is open to on-campus students only.

Religious Studies BA to MPS or MRE


Minor in Religious Studies

Religion is integral to the values of every culture, and a deep-seated understanding of religion can open up myriad life and work opportunities, no matter what major you choose.

Minor in Religious Studies

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