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Political Science

Because the effects of politics are so immediately felt, political science is a field that’s often dramatized.

But popular entertainment dramas often miss the importance of a deeper understanding of politics and political power—how it is acquired and how organized governments use it. Political Science analyzes systems of government, ranging from cities to contemporary nation-states, as well as the theory and practice of politics and the resultant distribution of power and resources.

Undergraduate Degree Programs

Bachelor of Arts in Political Science

At Loyola, you’ll develop a deeper understanding of politics. You’ll be trained to see the underlying relationships between political events and to observe general principles about the role of politics and political behavior in human society. You’ll learn how leadership is organized, what consequences come of global political action, and how political change affects our everyday lives. And with that understanding, we hope you’ll be one of the people who can—through thoughtful reflection or political activism—provide the knowledge, leadership, and moral compass essential to the healthy functioning of our democracy.

Bachelor of Arts in Political Science


Minor in Political Science

Our minor is an excellent supplement for any degree but is especially useful for students interested in how various facets of contemporary politics interact with their major.

Minor in Political Science


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