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Solve problems.
Change lives.

Chemistry and Biochemistry

The world is full of questions.

We turn to scientists for answers to many of them. Is this water safe to drink? Will these two things explode if I mix them together? Whether you want to be a toxicologist testing the safety of our water and soil, a materials scientist designing the next solar cell, or a forensic chemist analyzing crime scene evidence, we need people like you—people with answers.

Undergraduate Degree Programs

Bachelor of Science in Chemistry

Chemists work to remediate air pollution or create novel antibiotics. They study gold nanoparticles, crystal engineering, and organic superconductors. Our program will prepare you to make a career out of solving problems and answering tough questions that have a real impact on our lives and environment.


Chemistry with a concentration in Biochemistry/Pre-Med

Chemistry with a concentration in Forensic Chemistry

Chemistry with Teacher's Certification



Minor in Chemistry

The Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry offers two minors and participates in the Computational Science Interdisciplinary minor.

Course Information

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