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Physics lab

Investigate. Explain.
Push us forward.


Einstein. Newton. Hawking. Bohr. And you.

These are the people who dare to say that our world, full of strange phenomena and seemingly unpredictable processes, is explainable. Physicists investigate and articulate the laws that govern our universe -- from the largest scales of the entire cosmos, to the smallest subatomic particles, and everything in between.

Undergraduate Degree Programs

Bachelor of Science in Physics

Cellular biophysics, quantum optics, cosmology and gravitation, biomechanics, computer simulations, particle physics –- are all areas of research pursued by our faculty, and areas where you could contribute too! The great geniuses of physics have pushed the understanding of our universe forward. At Loyno, we’ll give you the tools you need to be part of that adventure. Loyola offers four tracks within our Physics Department.


Biophysics Pre-Health

Pre-Engineering Physics

Physics (Liberal Arts)

Physics (Liberal Arts with Teacher Certification)


Minor in Physics

This minor is for students studying another specialty but looking for a physics component to complement their studies.

Minor in Physics

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