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Dr. Sarmini instructing three students on solving an equation on a whiteboard

It Adds Up


You will use math today. Everybody will.

Mathematics is a powerful subject. You’ll use it when you check the time—or the speed limit. Newton, Galileo, da Vinci, Fibonacci: They used it in a variety of disciplines, and we still feel the echo of their work today—because math is where everything starts. That’s where you come in. No matter what career path you choose, mathematics will give you a firm foundation on which to pursue your goals.

Undergraduate Degree Programs

Whether you want to work in aeronautics, electronics, finance, marketing, opinion analysis, insurance, accounting, automation, sales, teaching, or something else—mathematics is your first step. You have the aptitude, but you need the tools to build your strengths into a career. And that’s where we come in.

Bachelor of Science in Mathematics

Bachelor of Science in Computational Mathematics

Bachelor of Science in Liberal Arts Mathematics


The Mathematics minor is designed to support those disciplines where mathematics in an essential tool. such as marketing, management, physics, engineering, chemistry, biology, accounting, and more. The minor courses in the program develop the concepts and computational techniques, which will be useful in careers which have mathematical content.

Minor in Mathematics


See an overview of the program's curriculum and requirements.

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