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Discover life

Biological Sciences

Life’s funny, isn’t it?

That’s one thing people say. Or amazing. Or chaotic, beautiful, unfair, and too short. But a biologist says that life is discoverable.

Undergraduate Degree Programs

Bachelor of Science in Biology

There are six tracks that one can select from when majoring in Biological Sciences.

Biological Sciences 

This major provides an outstanding modern science education and preparation to compete in the best graduate and professional programs. Provides support for students pursuing health professional careers, including medicine, dentistry, veterinary medicine, pharmacy, optometry, podiatry, nursing, and related areas.

Biological Sciences with a concentration in Cell & Molecular Biology 

This program provides students with a strong foundation in cell biology and associated molecular and biochemical mechanisms controlling cell functions.

Biological Sciences with a concentration in Ecology and Evolution

This program examines the basic concepts of ecology, including the nature of ecosystems, energy flow, biogeochemical cycles, and characteristics of populations and communities of organisms.

Biological Sciences with a concentration in Marine Biology

This program examines diversity, physiology, ecology, and conservation of microbes, plants, and animals that live in the marine environment.

Biological Sciences with a concentration in Pre-Health

This program is designed to guide the student into coursework that will prepare them for health professional schools and careers in health care.

Biological Sciences with Teacher's Certification

A central focus of the Biological Sciences is to engage students in the study of life through active learning in the classroom and through collaborative research in the laboratory and field.

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Minor in Biological Sciences

Biological Sciences is a great minor for students interested in a deeper understanding of the diversity of living organisms or obtaining the prerequisites necessary for training in a variety of health and environmentally related fields.


See an overview of the program's curriculum and requirements.

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You’ll get to work alongside talented professors to partner in research.

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