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Strategy Two

Strategy Two

Pursuing 21st Century Education

We must better embody the spirit of innovation ourselves in how we improve our pedagogy and use technology. By embracing the future, we will attract students excited by our offerings and keep them on the path to graduation.

Make “High-Flex” permanent

While students deprived of the campus experience during the pandemic crave it more intensely, they may also forever expect a greater level of flexibility. Loyola already offers traditional undergraduates the opportunity to take online courses with core faculty. We must brand and build on that strength with a greater focus on learning outcomes and creative pedagogy. We will find ways to use virtual learning in live classrooms to expand our reach, including dual enrollment programs with feeder high schools. 

  • We will continue to invest in our “digital infrastructure,” the technology available to our faculty, students, and in our classrooms.
  • We will increase the number of “degree in three” opportunities to bend the cost curve of higher education.

Tear Down Academic Obstacles of Our Own Making

We will better measure the impact of our pedagogy and curricular requirements on retention and remove unnecessary obstacles to student success, including simplifying and reducing major requirements in certain fields. We will make it far easier for students to engage in interdisciplinary study, across majors or graduate fields. 

Prove the Relevance of a Broad Education in the Humanities

In the tradition of Jesuit higher education, we insist that undergraduates receive a broad education, learning the insights of different disciplines and forever broadening their perspectives. We should make the relevance of those experiences more apparent and accessible. We will designate paths through the Loyola Core so that students can match the knowledge and skills they need to their own interests: (1) diversity, equity, and inclusion, (2) creativity and culture, (3) nature and humanity, and (4) the economic enterprise. We will design core courses more exciting and obviously relevant to non-majors. 

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