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Strategy Four

Fostering Stewardship of University Resources

To serve our mission, we must lock in the tools of long-term sustainability and constantly improve our skills of execution and efficiency. Loyola, having just come through a difficult period of enrollment downturn and resulting deficits, has learned lessons from our mistakes that we must never forget. We have become leaner, more transparent, nimble, and entrepreneurial. We have identified extraordinary strength within our community and learned to teach each other the skills we need. We are resolute. 

Move to a modified Responsibility-Centered Management

budget system, one which incentivizes revenue growth and cost savings.

Iggy at Night

Replace ERP system

and invest in better technology for our financial and student information systems. 

Continue the transformation of our campus to a sustainable environment,

making visible investments that model our values to students and prospective students and that improve our efficiency. 

Taking care of our campus

Invest in our people,

our most valuable resource, through systematic and excellent professional development, better management practices, and as quickly as possible, true merit-based pay and cost-of-living increases. 

Strategic Plan

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Strategic Plan
for Inclusive Excellence

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Mission Priority

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