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Loyola University New Orleans Music Industry Program Gains New Leadership 

By Loyola University on Fri, 09/13/2019 - 11:22

(New Orleans – September 12, 2019) – Loyola University New Orleans’ acclaimed School of Music Industry unveils new leadership as students return to campus this fall.  As they take the helm, Director Jeff Albert and Associate Director Kate Duncan are prepared to continue the legacy of their predecessor: renowned producer and professor John Snyder,  a devoted champion of the intellectual rights of musicians and the cultural economy.
“The music business is constantly changing and our program prepares our students to deal with the next disruptions, which we might not have even imagined yet,” Albert said. “The cultural economy is growing and cannot be outsourced.” 

Over the course of 15 years, Snyder — who retired from Loyola in May — and his colleagues built the university’s internationally acclaimed Music Industry Studies program so that aspiring music agents, managers, industry executives and performers would have the tools they need to get started — and not only succeed, but excel, in the industry. 

Central to the program were core business skills in marketing, branding, and management, all necessary to the success of the creative professional.  For nearly two decades, Loyola has prepared aspiring musicians, producers, performers and industry executives for entrepreneurial success in the music industry through its Music Industry Studies program. 

“We’re not only teaching music – we’re teaching students to make a career from their music,” said Albert.  “We’re teaching them how to use their entrepreneurial skills to make a life while making art.” 

In 2016, the burgeoning program grew to include Popular and Commercial Music, focused on the performance side of the industry. This year, an exciting new undergraduate degree offering in Urban and Electronic Music Production (UEMP) joins these ranks, allowing more students to specialize and build facility in their creative pursuits. With even more programs in the works for the School of Music Industry, the group continues striving to create meaningful curricular experiences for students seeking to make a profession from their creative passion.