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Dr. Veronica Del Bianco

Instructor of Environment Program


  • College of Arts and Sciences
  • Environment



Dr. Veronica Del Bianco is an educator, evaluator, and researcher who joined the Environment Program in 2022. Dr. Del Bianco’s research experiences have included minnow spawning in the streams of North Carolina, adjustments in leaf epidermal UV transmittance of plants on the Big Island of Hawaii, and community ecology and trophic cascades in the jungles of Nicaragua. She now focuses on participant and community outcomes of citizen and community science and has considerable experience using participatory and mixed-methods approaches in her research. Dr. Del Bianco is passionate about getting students engaged in nature, science and their communities.

Classes Taught: 

  • Foundations in Environmental Science
  • Foundations in Environmental Studies 
  • Investigating Nature
  • Intro to GIS

Areas of Expertise:

  • Environmental science
  • Citizen and community science
  • Science assessment and evaluation


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