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Sean Cain

Associate Professor


Ph.D., University of California San Diego


  • College of Arts and Sciences
  • Political Science


  • Policy
  • Politics


Associate Professor Sean A. Cain teaches courses on American government and politics, elections, voting behavior, political parties, campaign finance, government budgeting, the legislative branch, news media, and research methodology.  His research focuses on American election campaigns, campaign finance policy, and the professional campaigning industry.  His work has been published or accepted for publication in the journals Political BehaviorElection Law JournalThe Forum: A Journal of Applied Research in Contemporary PoliticsPresidential Studies Quarterly, and the Journal of Political Marketing.  Dr. Cain received his PhD from the University of California San Diego and has taught at George Washington University, the University of California Washington Center, the University of Maryland, and the American University School of Public Affairs.

Classes Taught

  • Introduction to American Government
  • Polling and Voting Behavior
  • Money and American Politics
  • Legislative Process
  • Political Parties and Pressure Groups
  • American Political Party Development
  • Politics and the Media
  • Statistical Methods for Politics
  • Scope and Methods in Political Science

Areas of Expertise

  • American Government with a specialization in campaigns and elections