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Instructions to Authorize a Student Records Release

Under the requirements of the Family Educational Rights & Privacy Act (FERPA), Loyola will not discuss or disclose any elements of your educational record except for “directory information” without your explicit consent. To provide this consent, you must complete the online Student Records Release form in LORA Self-Service for each individual that you wish to authorize Loyola to discuss your educational records with. Without this authorization, Loyola will not respond to requests for information about your educational record from an unauthorized individual.

To create a new records release authorization or modify an existing one, follow these steps:

1)  In LORA Self-Service, select “Student Records Release” under “User Options”

student records step 1

2)  If you have any previously authorized individuals with student records releases, you can review them here. Otherwise, select “Add Person / Relationship” to create a new release.

You will be asked to create a PIN for the named individual. Loyola may ask this person to provide the PIN as verification when they contact the university about your student record. You also will be asked to specify the start and end date of the period in which you authorize the release of your educational information to the named individual. You can leave either or both of these dates blank to provide release for an indeterminate time, but you may also specify a date range and Loyola will not release information outside of those dates.

student records step 2

3) You can select either to authorize complete access to your educational record for the named individuals or to select from the choices provided. If you select “Complete Access”, Loyola will still refrain from sharing certain data such as HIPAA-protected medical records or other sensitive data as required by other regulations. This is an educational release.

If you choose “Select Access”, you may indicate which items you do or do not authorize:

  • Academic Information includes but is not limited to grades, schedules, standing, degree progress, transfer work, academic infractions, suspensions or probation, and any registration restrictions.
  • Billing & Student Accounts includes but is not limited to all items and detail from your billing statement, including any tuition and fees charged, room and board charges, any transmitted financial aid (including Federal and State aid), refunds or penalties, and your current balance.
  • Disability Accommodations includes but is not limited to any services rendered or approved by the Office of Accessible Education or other offices in response to an approved request from you.
  • Financial Aid & Scholarships includes but is not limited to any financial aid awards you are offered or eligible for, any Federal aid eligibility or calculations, your submitted FAFSA information, any records relevant to satisfactory academic progress status, and ongoing financial aid eligibility.
  • Student Affairs & Conduct includes but is not limited to participation in any student organizations such as intercollegiate athletics or Greek life (including eligibility and current status), any disciplinary records or other student conduct information, and any residential information other than billing.

4)  After you select the desired access level for the release, scroll down and provide consent. If the process is successful, you will be able to verify the status of the records release on your page. You can use this same form at any time to add additional authorized individuals. Note: You are not yet able to modify record releases on your own and must contact the Office of Student Records to modify or revoke an authorized release. In the near future, we anticipate that the ability for students to modify authorized releases will become available.

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