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Sheila Wilkinson

Instructor of Design


  • College of Music and Media
  • Design


Sheila M. Wilkinson (she/hers) is a Louisiana Licensed Attorney, a Louisiana Licensed Master Social Worker, an Educator, and an Empowerment Coach. She helps creatives, lawyers, and other service-based professionals and business owners transform pain, frustration, and unreasonable expectations at work into happiness, success, and healthy boundaries so that they can achieve their personal and professional goals.

Sheila is CEO and Founder of CreativesEd, a Live Coaching Business Academy for Creatives of all kinds, and SMWPLC, a hybrid Louisiana Law Firm which provides legal and business advice for LGBTQI2S+ entrepreneurs and their allies to help them create, run, protect, and scale their businesses with confidence, authenticity, and grace.

Splitting her time between New Orleans and Brussels, Sheila serves several nonprofits in the Greater New Orleans area and provides services across the globe. She regularly speaks to and consults with educational institutions and professional organizations on topics ranging from wellness and health to building successful teams and organizations.

A lifelong learner, Sheila has two goals each day: (1) to make a stranger laugh, and (2) to be a better person today than she was yesterday. She uses humor, transparency, and empathy to create genuine connections, and you’ll likely hear her laugh before you see her trademark curls. With a keen sense of humor and mean baking skills, Sheila happily and genuinely engages others wherever she goes.