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Courtney Marse



  • College of Music and Media
  • Design


Courtney Marse, Principal and Designer behind MARSE, founded the New Orleans-based brand in 2019 and released its debut collection of made-to-order velvet textiles in early 2020. Courtney collaborates with a small team of creatives and craftspeople both locally and nationwide to bring each product to life. Prior to founding MARSE, she developed a high-end textile design company, AIMEE LACALLE, as Vice President of Creative Services. There, Courtney led general management, operations, and creative direction, including managing an in-house team and contractors, and overseeing marketing, sales, production, and product development. 

A graphic designer by trade, Courtney’s design and research blurs traditional boundaries and calls into question where graphic design begins and ends—utilizing hybridity in her process, medium, and the defining terms of her professional and creative work. She has taught at Louisiana State University, where she assisted in portfolio reviews, guest lectured in senior-level courses, secured a regular student work showcase in The Manship School, and collaborated in interdepartmental experimental shows. 

Her teaching philosophy mirrors that of MARSE: “creating with abstraction and contrasting against the familiar” by focusing on concept and innovation. Having led in both creative and operational roles in business, Courtney emphasizes the designer’s creative process, known as “Design Thinking,” as a sought-out asset in business, positioning designers as ideal problem solvers and entrepreneurial leaders.