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Standing harp in a auditorium

Move to the rhythm
of your story

Music, Bachelor of Arts

Do you have a passion for both music and political science? Music and graphic design? Music and practically any other area of study?

You can harmonize your interests with a minor or second major with a Bachelor of Arts in Music degree or a Bachelor of Music in Elective Studies degree.

Explore the areas of music beyond performance—such as theory, history, and literature—through flexible curricula that complement pre-professional studies, like those for medical and law school. And either program can pave the way to graduate study in music history, music theory, ethnomusicology, or other areas.

Whether you pursue a career in music, another field, or one that combines the two, with a deep knowledge of music, you can create something more with your passion.

Undergraduate Degree Programs

In addition to intensive study in music theory, music history, and solo and ensemble performance, students in this program complete a minor, or even a second major in another field. This can prepare you for a career in music—but it also offers you the flexibility to go onto medical and law school.

Bachelor of Arts in Music and Bachelor of Music in Elective Studies