The Walker Percy Center strives to foster literary talent and acheivement by publishing books in the humanities—philosophy, religious studies, creative nonfiction, and fiction—that highlight the art of writing as essential to an examined life, books that are on to something.  We aspire to publish writing that honors the writing and integrity of Walker Percy, work that concerns itself with what he called "the search," work that contributes to the expansion of the intellectual and cultural landscape.  We are committed first and foremost to the quality of thought and writing in the work. 


Earthquake and Japan by Kojin Karatani 

A limited edition published to help raise awareness and funds for the NOLA Japan Quake Fund ( This book, hand stitched with French folds, combines the English translation and the original Japanese text in a way that represents the trauma and interruption of contemporary Japanese life resulting from the devastating earthquake and tsunami in 2011. These handmade books are individually numbered in a limited edition of 200. SOLD OUT.


Sacred Trespasses, edited by Kevin Rabelais and Jennifer Levasseur

A collection of essays that explores–in many different ways, in various voices, and through diverse paths–what it is to be a reader and a seeker. In Sacred Trespasses, twenty-one members of Loyola’s faculty and staff reflect on five key books that have influenced their lives. The contributors range from across the disciplines at the university, including English, Biology, the Jesuit Center, Languages and Culture, History, and Business.  Learn more about Sacred Trespasses.

Books are available at The Loyola BookstoreThe Maple Street Book Shop and Octavia Books, and directly from the Center.


The Walker Percy Prize in Short Fiction

We regret that we were not able to hold a contest for 2015, and we regretfully announce that we will not be holding contests for the foreseeable future. We are sorry for the disappointment this causes.

Thank you for participating in past contests and for the excellent writing you submitted.

Loyola University will continue to honor Walker Percy and his ideas and writings.


2014 Winner: Laurie Frankel for "Boxes" / Judge: Tim Parrish

2013 Winner: Cassie Condrey for "Because You're Mine" / Judge: Christine Wiltz

2012 Winner: LaTanya McQueen for "Believers" / Judge: John Biguenet

2011 Winner: Kevin Breen for "Christian Savages" / Judge: Joseph Boyden

2010 Winner: Jacob Appel for "Prisoners of the Multitude" / Judge: Nancy Lemann