Walker Percy

Welcome to The Walker Percy Center

The goal of the Walker Percy Center for Writing and Publishing is to foster literary talent and achievement, to highlight the art of writing as essential to a good education, and to serve the makers, teachers, students, and readers of contemporary writing by providing educational and vocational opportunities in writing and publishing. We envision the Center as a vital part of the University’s commitment to the educational needs of its students and of the citizens of New Orleans, as specified in Loyola’s Statement of Educational Purpose.

By naming the Center for Walker Percy, we honor the memory and contributions of this prominent American author, Catholic, and former Loyola faculty member. By establishing such a center and encouraging publication, we can draw on and further the strengths of several arts departments on campus, including English, communications, music, drama, and visual arts.


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Thank you to all the writers who entered the contest, and congratulations to the winner, runners-up, and finalists. And our gratitude to this year’s final judge, Christine Wiltz.


Cassie Condrey, "Because You're Mine"



Scott Thomason, "Plywood Jesus"

Sharon Solwitz, "A Small, Bright Room"



Marilyn Abildskov, "Something Grand"

Joshua Armstrong, "Ligne de Fuite"

Scott Gloden, "Whoroscope"

Chelsea Hogue, "Deeply, There, Thank You, Finally"

Dan Mancilla, "The Last Good Act of Folquet the Man"

Linda McCoullough Moore, "What a Lifetime Is"

Mark Wisniewski, "Pets"


THANK YOU!  Thank you to everyone involved with the STILL LOST IN THE COSMOS: Walker Percy and the 21st Century Conference. The Conference was a huge success. We hope to see you at the next Walker Percy Center Conference in Fall 2015. Click here to view the STILL LOST Conference keynote address.

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Photos of Walker Percy courtesy of Rhoda K. Faust