An Overview of Climate Change/ Global Warming: How It Is Affecting the Human Community


By Jill Tatarski, Loyola University New Orleans

Increases in global temperature have caused many disruptions in human life around the Earth. Global warming has caused the rise in global temperatures, the risk of huge natural disasters, the spread of diseases, and the deaths of about 150,000 people annually according to the World Health Organization.

The terms climate change and global warming have been used as interchangeable terms, but there is a difference in the two meanings. ‘Climate change’ helps show that there are other changes besides rising temperatures. It means that any major change in measures of climate that lasts for decades or longer.

Climate change may result from natural factors, natural processes, and human activities. ‘Global warming’ is an annual increase in the temperature of the atmosphere close to the Earth’s surface, which can lead to a change in the global climate patterns. Burning fossil fuels and the emission of carbon get caught under the Earth’s atmosphere and troposphere and warm up the planet. The greenhouse effect helps regulate the temperature of the planet. Activities of the human race have increased the rise of the Earth’s average temperature. The human race is helping speed up the process of temperature increases among many other things. Global warming affects numerous areas around the world, such as: temperatures, precipitation, catastrophic weather, the ocean, biological diversity, industries, and humans.

What does all of this mean? In the future, there will by severe temperatures, increased risk of flooding, increased risk of drought, catastrophic weather, rises in sea levels that could potentially displace millions of people, extinction of wildlife and animals, and the closure of many industries (ex. fishing). Climate change will also affect humans in the following areas: health, agriculture, forestry, water resources, coasts, energy, wildlife, recreational opportunities, and rise in insurance premiums. The health of the human race will decline due to severe heat and increased air population, and our water, food, and energy
resources/supplies will be limited and affected by the severe weather patterns.

We must change our attitudes and behaviors towards climate change and global warming in order to truly make an impact on our world. Every individual in a society must make a contribution to reduce greenhouse gas emissions through renewable energy sources and efficient products. Innovation must be used to make a lasting response to reduce the trends of increasing global temperature and its effects. There are little things we can do every day to make somewhat of an impact even if it small, but in the long run, we will help out the Earth and hopefully help continue its existence as well as the human race.

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