Hunger + Poverty Issues

Global Poverty Act

Tue, 04/01/2008 Hunger Legislation

Urge Senators Landrieu and Vitter to co-sponsor the Global Poverty Act – S.2433. This bill will better coordinate U.S. policies and programs thus improving U.S. efforts to fight poverty and hunger around world.

Domestic Farm Bill

Tue, 04/01/2008 Hunger Legislation

Urge Louisiana’s congressional delegation to ensure that the final farm bill includes permanent funding for nutrition programs at levels no less than $11.5 billion over 10 years.

2007 Voting Record Louisiana Congressional Delegation

Tue, 04/01/2008 Hunger Legislation

See how Louisiana politicians voted on bills to ease the hunger crisis in 2007...

Living Our Faith as Stewards of Creation

Fri, 08/01/2008 Christian Response

Respect for life and for the dignity of the human person extends to the rest of creation, which is called to join man in praising God. Christians, in particular, realize that their responsibility within creation and their duty towards nature and the Creator are an essential part of their faith.

The Farm Bill Isn't Finished

Fri, 02/01/2008 Hunger Legislation

In mid-December the Senate passed its version of the farm bill. This legislation must now be reconciled with the House version through a conference.

The Politics of Food: Food Bio-Diversity and Democracy

Mon, 12/01/2008 Hunger Legislation

An address by Father Miguel Escoto Brockmann, President of the United Nations General Assembly

Global Food Crisis and Sustainable Development

Fri, 08/01/2008 Sustainable Development

The classic food security issues of local supply, demand and disposable income are no longer the complete story. The determinants of the current global food situation are tightly intertwined and leave the Least Developed Countries (LDC) people increasingly defenseless against the unfolding calamity.

Religious Conviction and Climate Change

Fri, 02/01/2008 Christian Response

Many faith communities representing the breath and depth of religious life in America have come together to call for a proactive response to the growing threat of global climate change. On this issue, we are guided by scriptural command to care for God's creation and to “love our neighbors” as we promote the common good of the entire human family.

Modernizing U.S. Foreign Assistance

Sun, 02/01/2009 Hunger Legislation

The world has changed dramatically in the last 50 years. But the way the U.S. delivers assistance to the world's poorest nations is still being driven by the 1961 Foreign Assistance Act. In 2009, we will urge Congress to rework U.S. foreign assistance to make it more effective in reducing poverty and hunger.

The Farm Bill's Most Direct Impact on Domestic Hunger

Wed, 08/01/2007 Hunger Legislation

The Farm Bill's most direct impact on domestic hunger comes through the Food Stamp Program (FSP) and smaller federal nutrition programs.