Conflict Resolution Program

Nationally-recognized conflict resolution program for safe school communities

The Conflict Resolution Program (CRP) teaches children to think before they act and to practice walking in the other person's shoes. There are crucial moments during a conflict that could mean the difference between a peaceful resolution and a violent resolution. CRP teaches children to recognize these moments and to use them to achieve peace.

Creating a culture of peace in schools is extremely difficult if we are not aware of possible alternatives for resolving a dispute. When confronted with a conflict, we typically respond with fear, anger, and confusion or become defensive. Society has taught us that these behaviors are appropriate and acceptable ways of dealing with conflict. However, the results of choosing to deal with a disagreement in this anger may be dangerous and sometimes fatal.

The Conflict Resolution Program does not propose to be the cure-all for altering school environments; however, if properly implemented, with the commitment of teachers, students, administrators/support staff, and parents, CRP promises to create an environment where peaceful resolution is the objective of a dispute; thus, peace is given a chance.

Program Goals

  • Showing young people that they have many choices besides passivity or aggression for dealing with conflict
  • Giving them the skills to make those choices real in their lives
  • Increasing their understanding and appreciation of their own culture and other cultures
  • Showing them they can play a powerful role in creating a more peaceful world