Image of a Stethoscope, syringe, Heart Monitor readout, medicine ampoule, and ag

Health Professions Seminar SPST-A115-001

 The Health Professions Seminar was implemented in the Fall of 2015 to give Loyola Pre-Health/Pre-Med students a chance to learn more about the wide variety of Health Care careers they can devote their lives to. Developed as a hybrid seminar and online course, students attend University and department sponsored events in which visiting speakers discuss Health Care disciplines and Graduate level programs. The students then submit reflection papers reviewing the message they took away from the speaker's visit. The course also begins the students journey on the path to their application process, by requiring that they prepare a personal statement which describes why they want to enter one of the many fields of Health Care.

This course is strongly recommended for all Freshmen and Juniors, but is open to all students interested in a career in Health care.

This course is .5 credit hours.

It can be found on LORA under SPST-A115-001 (special studies) call # 11273.

You can find the syllabus for the course here.