Course Substitutions


Substitutions for modern foreign language and mathematics may be allowed for persons with learning disabilities if the following criteria are met:

  • The student must have a documented learning disability that significantly interferes with the student’s ability to meet the essential requirements of the course.
  • The disability documentation must be on file with Disability Services.
  • The student must also have a history of difficulty in the relevant area.
  • The course must be a nonessential aspect of the degree program.
  • In addition to fullfilling the above requirements, students must request the course substitution by following the procedures listed below. 

Procedures for Obtaining a Course Substitution

The student must meet with the Director of Disability Services or a Special Needs Counselor to discuss the need for a substitution and submit an appeal in writing to the Associate Dean of his/her college explaining the reason for the request.

The Associate Dean, in conjunction with the Director of Disability Services, is responsible for determining whether the above criteria have been met. 

Allowable Substitutions

Substitutions are intended to meet as closely as possible the intent of the original requirement and are restricted to courses that are approved by the Associate Dean. 

  • Foreign language course substitutions are restricted to courses about non-English speaking cultures.
  • Math course substitutions are currently restricted to the following: PHIL A201 Practical Logic, computer programming or computer application courses (e.g. COSC Z132), or economics courses. 

Change of Grades

If a math or foreign language substitution is granted, failing grades (F’s) in that subject area will be changed to withdrawals (W’s).