Liz and Ri with student

Breakthrough Technology now available through Student Success Center

The Student Success Center is pleased to announce that it has obtained a campus-wide license for the award-winning technology Kurzweil 3000 (K3000+firefly). Individual accounts are now available to any Loyola student, faculty, or staff member for free. K3000+firefly is a learning software that offers a universal library and can convert a multitude of documents into audio to be read aloud by the program. This software offers many supplementary study options including audio, visual, translation, and text-based study tools. K3000+firefly can be accessed through desktop download on your personal computer, online anywhere with internet access, or on the app for iPad.

In order to set up your account, please send the following information to Wolfmail email address, school-wide ID number, and full name.

We encourage the Loyola community to take advantage of this amazing software designed to deliver highly-customizable support anytime, anywhere via multiple platforms.

For additional information, please contact Richelle Voelker, Director of Disability Services at (504) 865-2990.