What we do

With nearly 75 students working in some capacity on Student Media publications in any given year, we are the largest student-run enterprise on campus.  A core group of editors, known as the editorial board, make the day-to-day decisions regarding what stories are published, what news gets covered, and what opinions are featured within the pages of our publications. They are aided by the daily guidance from the organization’s adviser, a veteran award-winning journalist and educator.  

The Editor in Chief

As the chief student officer of the Student Media, the editor in chief presides over the editorial board. The Editor in chief has the responsibility to provide leadership to the staff, select and remove editorial staff, direct the daily operations of the publications, make editorial decisions, maintain the quality of the publications, act on complaints — especially about fairness — and carry out those policies established by the editorial board and the university. 

Each editor seeks consultation in matters of potential libel, obscenity or other matters involving potential liability, as well as matters that may be judged in contradiction to the values and sensibilities of Loyola University as a Catholic and Jesuit institution. 

The editor in chief is selected by the editorial board, in conjunction with the journalism faculty of the School of Mass Communication.

The Editors

The section editors serve as the lieutenants of the Student Media operation. Each section editor is responsible for guiding coverage within a specific area or topic, such as Campus News, Life and Times, Sports or Religion. 

Each section maintains a stable of staff writers, each of whom are responsible for covering some area of campus, or beat, exclusively. 

The Editorial Board

Section editors, along with the other named editors within the Student Media (such as the copy editors, the designers, the photo editors and the multimedia producers) are the primary voices on the editorial board. These editors set the coverage priorities for the various areas of campus. 

As members of the editorial board, the editors also weigh in on the topic, direction and content of each week’s staff editorial, which is signed collectively by the editorial board and published in the weekly Maroon Editorial section. 

The editorial board is tasked with setting policy and standards for the rest of the operation to follow. 

The editorial board is empowered to formulate editorial policy, select and remove the editor in chief, establish qualifications for editors and standards for the evaluation of editors’ performances, promulgate operating procedures and standards for the publication of the publication and to take those steps necessary to assure proper stewardship of the Student Media’s resources. 

The editorial board has the responsibility to publish their publications according to their published schedules. The Maroon should be published each week school is in session, excluding the Summer Session. 

The editorial board also has the responsibility of securing independent professional criticism of their publications and to provide for the necessary training of volunteer staff who wish to be of service. 

The editorial boards shall also serve as a review board for those matters in dispute between the editor in chief and the publisher’s representative or anyone else.

The Reporters

Becoming a staff writer at the Student Media is an honor reserved only for the journalists who have proven their worth and who have committed to serve the publications consistently and faithfully. 

Staff writers cover an area of campus exclusively and serve as the eyes and ears of the publication, reporting back to the editors what areas of the university must be covered. 

The Adviser

Michael Giusti is the adviser of the Student Media. He began serving the publications in 2006, and has guided the staff to more than 100 city, state, regional and national awards. Giusti continues to practice journalism, and writes for several magazines, including many national and international titles. He holds an adjunct teaching appointment within the School of Mass Communication and teaches Journalism and Editing.

At the Student Media, the adviser serves as the journalist in residence, offering ongoing guidance to the student journalists in the areas of ethics, management, journalistic integrity and financial operations. 

The staff adviser, however, is not empowered to intervene directly in the daily operation of publications as an organization. The adviser’s function is to advise and instruct those persons responsible for the publications and their proper functioning. 

Issues of concern to the staff adviser are brought to the attention of the editor in chief and/or the editorial board for consideration. Upon continuing demonstration of poor quality, the adviser is empowered to initiate action within the editorial board for the removal of the editor. 

One of the adviser’s administrative responsibilities is the financial condition of the Student Media. The adviser is empowered to cease publication when financial resources are inadequate.