BIOL-A300-001 | Spring 2013
Julie Gauthier

Service learning is optional for this course. 

Time commitment: 15 hours

Learning goal:  Students will become more aware of scientific issues in the real world (including for example, health, disease and nutrition) and develop the skills and understanding to participate intelligently and compassionately in societal decisions regarding these issues.

Students may choose to complete a service learning placement with one of the following agencies in lieu of one paper in this course:

Bridge House
Edible Schoolyard NOLA 
Hope Lodge
Luke's House Clinic 
Passages Hospice
Project Lazarus


  1. Research your options.  Browse the agencies listed on this page.  Find ones that connect to your interests and passions.  Also look for agencies that fit your schedule and transportation situation.  Use this scheduler to figure out your best times to do service learning.  Take into account the transportation support programs available through the Office of Service Learning.
  2. Make contact with your favorite agencies.  It pays to initiate communication early.  Remember, you are competing for limited spots at each agency.
  3. Come to the SERVE Fair to talk with agency staff and learn more about your favorites.
  4. Receive placement offers.  Accept a placement offer online by Friday, January 25, 2013 at 5 pm.  If you do not confirm a placement by Friday, January 25, you must complete the non-service learning option in this course.
  5. Complete preservice requirements.
  6. Agree on a regular schedule with your agency and start serving!
  7. Document all your hours using a service learning timesheet.  Submit your first timesheet to Bobet 113 at midterm (Friday, March 8th @ 5pm).  Submit your final timesheet by the last day of classes (Wed, May 1st @ 5pm).
  8. Finish all your service learning hours by the last day of classes.
  9. Your performance will be evaluated by your agency.  This performance evaluation will be given to your professor an incorporated into your class grade.
  10. Receive a service learning transcript notation.  Put it on your resume too!