Hainkel Home

Hainkel Home and Rehabilitation Center

The John J. Hainkel, Jr. Home and Rehabilitation Center, chartered in 1891, is a non-profit nursing home located in Uptown New Orleans that provides health care services to New Orleans Medicaid, Medicare, Veterans Affairs, and private patients. 

Students serving at the Hainkel Home will assist with patient activities. These activities are designed to provide our patients with stimulation, companionship, fun, and a sense of community. Numerous activities are scheduled every week including bingo, music hour, coffee hour, outside trips, movie time, reading, snack time, holiday socials, barbecues, and so on. Students can also visit patients in their rooms and read, play games, or talk.

Students will learn compassion and patience for others by working with those who are handicapped and/or are dealing with mental and physical illnesses. Students will also learn how to assist those who are not able to fully care for themselves. 

adults • seniors • people dealing with mental/physical illness • people with disabilities

612 Henry Clay Ave. 

Greg Robinson • Activities Coordinator • 504.896.5984
Mary Brooks Rodrigue • President of the Board
marybrooks.rodrigue@hainkelhome.com • 504.896.5903

Days and times are open and flexible.  Students will be responsible for making a regular service schedule with the activities coordinator once a placement has been offered. 

Map & directions 
Walking • 20 min
Biking • 6 min
Driving • 5 min, free street parking


Students serving at the Hainkel Home must: 

  1. Pass a background check and a drug test (urinalysis). These will be performed at the Hainkel Home.
  2. Present evidence of a negative TB test, dated within the past 6 months (available from Loyola Student Health Services for $5)
  3. Attend an on-site orientation.