GSS Dec 2012

Good Shepherd School

The Good Shepherd School (GSS) is a Jesuit, Catholic school serving students in grades K-5 located in downtown New Orleans. GSS provides a tuition-free, holistic education to children from families who would otherwise not be able to attend a private school. Inspired by the Nativity-Miguel model, GSS is open year-round and has an extended school day offering enrichment activities in areas such as sports, music, art, drama, and service. GSS seeks to develop young people with a deep-rooted passion for faith, community, service, and social justice.

Loyola service learners will be asked to sign up for a weekly spot helping facilitate activities during the Enrichment Program. Enrichment activities can be designed by GSS staff or by service learners themselves based on their interests, gifts, and abilities. Past enrichment activities have included organized sports, board games, dance, yoga, chess club, drama club, art, music appreciation, computer activities, and service projects. Service learners can sign also up for a weekly commitment assisting GSS Staff with lunch/recess responsibilities from 11am-1pm Monday-Friday.

Loyola students will have the opportunity to provide much-needed services to New Orleans youth in need of positive role models and mentors. Service learners will be able to observe and participate in a unique educational model rooted in Jesuit practices and values, analyze and reflect on needs facing educational institutions and the populations they serve in urban settings, and witness and share in the many gifts and talents that our youngest learners have to offer our city, country, and world. By the end of this experience, Loyola students should have a better understanding of best practices in urban education and the importance of education in creating lasting social change.

elementary • middle schoolers • teachers

353 Baronne St.

Matthew DeBoer • Enrichment & Volunteer Coordinator
504.598.9399 (W) • 504.931.8211 (C)

Students serving at GSS will be expected to commit to one or more of the following weekly shifts: 

  Mon Tues Wed Thur Fri
11am-1pm 11am-1pm 11am-1pm 11am-1pm 11am-1pm
Enrichment 3:30-5pm 3:30-5pm 3:30-5pm* 3:30-5pm No

* GSS has a 1:00pm dismissal the 1st and 3rd Wednesday of each month. Thus, completing required hours may be a challenge for students taking this shift only.
(GSS may occassionally have other service hours available by special arrangement). 

Map & directions
Biking • 30 min
Public transit • 45 min
Tulane-Loyola Green Line Shuttle • 30 min, schedule
Driving • 11 min, limited pay-to-park


  1. Mandatory Safe Environment Training (must attend one of the trainings below) • Bring your government-issued photo ID and SSN for background check.
    Option 1: Tues, Jan. 21 • 4-5:30pm • Multimedia Rm. 2
    Option 2: Fri, Jan. 24 • 4-5:30pm • Multimedia Rm. 2
    Option 3: Tues, Jan. 28 • 12:30-2pm • Multimedia Rm. 1
    (All trainings held in Monroe Library).
  2. Students serving at GSS will be fingerprinted and must pass a background check.

  3. Attend an on-site orientation at GSS.