Black Theater: 1940-Present

THEA-V243-001 | Spring 2014
Laura Hope

A service learning placement is required for this course.
Time commitment: 20 hours

Transportation time credit
Taking more than one service learning class?

Learning objective: This course requires students to think critically about social justice issues such as race, class, gender, and sexuality by reading and discussing African-American plays. Service learning will give students direct exposure to current social justice issues faced disproportionately by African-Americans and other groups subject to marginalization or oppression. Throughout this course, we will use examples from the plays we read and from students' service learning experiences to reflect on the questions: Can the various forms of theatrical expression (playwriting, acting, production, stagecraft) can be liberative, i.e., help dismantle social injustice?  If so, how?

Preapproved service learning placements:

Anna's Arts for Kids
APEX Youth Center
Good Shepherd School
Lafayette Academy Reading Room
NET Charter High School
Orleans Public Defenders (note: requires extra hours!)
STAIR: Start the Adventure in Reading
St. Stephen Catholic School
Wilson Charter School

What about other agencies?

How to get started

  1. Watch the video Getting Started with Your Service Learning Placement and then take the online quiz.
  2. Document all your hours using a service learning timesheet. Submit timesheets to the service learning office twice per semester (midterm and last day of the semester). Check the Loyola Service Learning Calendar for deadlines.
  3. Know that your agency supervisor will submit a performance evaluation on your work at the end of the semester. This evaluation will be given to your professor and incorporated into your class grade. See a sample evaluation>>
  4. Tips for successfully completing your placement