Bachelor of Science in Nursing

To be admitted into the School of Nursing, a student must be a registered nurse with a current license to practice in the United States. The student must complete the regular university admissions process. A student who does not complete the admissions process prior to registration can enroll as a transient student for one semester by presenting the Registered Nurse license at registration.

A minimum of 120 semester credit hours is required for the bachelor of science in nursing (B.S.N.) degree. No lower division nursing courses are taught at Loyola. Credit for lower division nursing (i.e., adult health, parent-child health, mental health) is awarded by validation of transfer credit for associate degree graduates or validation of advanced placement credit for diploma nursing school graduates.

  • Courses leading to a BSN are available online.
  • Students may enter the B.S.N. program during any semester: Summer, Fall or Spring
  • Nursing classes are offered in seven-week sessions. Students typically schedule one or two classes each session.
  • No clinical required; practicum projects compatible with busy work and home life.
  • User-friendly transfer policies for nursing and non-nursing courses, which allows course substitution whenever possible.
  • A deferral plan is available for those participating in an employer reimbursement program.

RN-to-MSN Overview

The RN-to-MSN option is available to qualified students who plan to pursue a graduate degree at Loyola in the Health Care Systems Management program. In the RN-to-MSN option students receive both the BSN degree and MSN degree. For more information on the MSN HCSM, please visit call the nursing office at (504) 865-2307.

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