Criminal Justice

 Bachelor of Criminal Justice

The undergraduate criminal justice program (BCJ) provides a multidisciplinary study of the structure, administration, and dynamics of the criminal justice system. The system, a network of agencies at the local, state, and federal levels, is composed of law enforcement, the courts, corrections, and the private/corporate criminal justice sector. Courses examine components of the criminal justice system and provoke critical thinking on the competing ideologies of crime and correction.


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2012-2013 Academic Year or before

2012-2013 Bulletin or before

Pre - 2013 Criminal Justice DPCL 

2013-2014 Academic Year

2013-2014 Bulletin

2013-2014 Criminal Justice DPCL

2014-2015 Academic Year 2014-2015 Bulletin 2014-2015 Criminal Justice DPCL
2015-2016 Academic Year 2015-2016 Bulletin 2015-2016 Criminal Justice DPCL
2016-2017 Academic Year 2016-2017 Bulletin 2016-2017 Criminal Justice DPCL