IEC Fellows—1999

The following people have completed the Institute for Environmental Communication and have been named Fellows.

Catherine Blades, Executive Director, Louisiana Seafood Promotion and Marketing Board, New Orleans
Walt Burgoyne, Naturalist, New Orleans
Gerard Braud, President, Diversified Media, Mandeville
Loretta Brehm, Board member, W.H.A.R.F., Westwego
Bill Bozzo, Environmental Scientist and Manager, DynMcDermott Inc., Metairie
Linda Calvert, Director, Mayor's Office of Environmental Affairs, New Orleans
John Carriere, Development and Communications Coordinator, Tulane Center for Bioenvironmental Research, New Orleans
Eric Claville, ACORN, Baton Rouge
Robert Contois, Environmental Lawyer, Jones Walker, New Orleans
Micah Crochet, Cytec, Luling
Mark Davis, Executive Director, Coalition to Restore Coastal Louisiana, Baton Rouge
Angelique DeLonde, Public Health Epidemiologist, Louisiana Office of Public Health, New Orleans
Dianne Dugas, Louisiana Department of Health, New Orleans
Rebecca East, Institute of Environmental Studies, Louisiana State University, Baton Rogue
Tia (Williams) Edwards, Director of Public Relations, Louisiana Chemical Association, Baton Rouge
Phillip Ellender, Director of Public/Government Affairs, Koch Oil Company, Baton Rouge
Claudia R. Fowler, Louisiana Public Broadcasting, Baton Rouge
George Frierson, Research Associate, Coastal Research Laboratory at University of New Orleans, New Orleans
Joye C. Gordon, Ph.D., Kansas State University (formerly in Thibodaux)
Harold Green, State Environmental Chair, Southern Christian Leadership of Louisiana, New Orleans
Eileen Hollander, Director, Southern Region for AWM, New Orleans
Gregory Ben Johnson, President and Chief Executive Officer, The Greater New Orleans Foundation, New Orleans
Nancy Kaffer, Center for Environmental Communications, Loyola University New Orleans
Allen Kirkley, Chief Executive Officer, Motiva Norco Refining Company, Norco
Subhash Kulkarni, President, Kulkarni Consultants(engineers), Metairie
Mary LeBlanc, Board member, W.H.A.R.F., Westwego
Darryl Malek-Wiley, Then President, Mississippi River Basin Alliance, New Orleans
Christine Manalla, Writer, New Orleans Magazine, New Orleans
Jean May-Brett, Louisiana Public Broadcasting, Baton Rouge
Bettsie Baker-Miller, Consultant, Baton Rouge
Dr. Robert Moreau, Professor of Environmental Business, Southeastern Louisiana University, Hammond
Sara Pagones, Writer, The Times-Picayune, New Orleans
Kay Radlauer, Consultant, KayRad Co., Inc., Baton Rouge
Robert Rogers, Ph.D., Mineral Management Service, New Orleans
Roy Rogge, Chairman of Executive Committee, Sierra Club, Delta Chapter, New Orleans
Jeff Simon, Ph.D., Communications Director, Department of Environmental Quality, Baton Rouge
Michele Soho, Associate for Special Projects, The Greater New Orleans Foundation, New Orleans
Jerry Speir, Director Tulane Institute for Environmental Law & Policy, Tulane Law School, New Orleans
Marnie Winter, Director, Jefferson Parish Environmental and Development Control Department, Metairie
Maura Wood, Associate Representative, Sierra Club, Delta Chapter, Baton Rouge