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The Loyola Pastoral Life Center, a continuing education division of the Loyola Institute for Ministry, through its specialized certificates seeks to serve those who are already engaged in the church’s work of pastoral ministry and catechesis by providing continuing education to adult learners to increase their knowledge and competencies in a specific area of ministry.

The Loyola Pastoral Life Center seeks also to serve the many people who are currently engaged in ministries in the marketplace and the wider world and who have been called by their pastoral leaders to seek the formation necessary to engage in pastoral ministry and catechetical roles in local church communities. 

The Loyola Pastoral Life Center offers the following specialized certificates.

The specialized certificate programs lead participants toward 12 continuing education credit hours (CEU) or six courses of specialty-level ministry studies. Successful completion of the program results in the student’s being granted a Specialized Certificate awarded by the Loyola Pastoral Life Center (LPLC), in conjunction with the Loyola Institute for Ministry, at Loyola University New Orleans.

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Admission to the Program

Criteria exist for formal admission to the specialized certificate program. Applicants for the certificate program are evaluated in light of the current academic expectations placed on adult continuing education (ceu) students by Loyola University’s Institute for Ministry (LIM).

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Each specialized certificate is composed of six (6) continuing education courses. Ordinarily, each of these distance education courses is presented over two days in a seminar (or workshop) format by a member of the LPLC’s instruction team. These two days of presentation are then followed by a 45-day period devoted to required readings pertinent to the topic of the course and completion of several short, written summaries of what one has learned.

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The specialized certificate can be done in a distance-education format based on interest from a local sponsoring agency. An on-campus format is available subject to local interest.

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