Frequently Asked Questions

Specialized Certificate Program

What certificates are available through the Loyola Pastoral Life Center (LPLC)?

The LPLC has three specialized certificate options. Learn more »

How do I earn credit?

Once enrolled, you earn credit in each course if you

  • attend and actively participate in all class sessions (usually 15 contact/class hours, often taught over a two-day schedule);
  • complete a post-class, directed reading assignment;
  • complete a brief written response to the readings you have completed; and
  • turn in written work in a timely manner.

How do I seek admission to an on-site (extension) certificate program?

To seek admission to one of the LPLC’s specialized certificate programs at a distance education site, please make contact directly with the Extension Site Coordinator IN YOUR location.

How do I seek admission to the on-campus certificate program?

To seek admission to the LPLC’s Specialized Certificate in Parish Life and Administration program on-campus at Loyola University New Orleans, please email

What is the cost of courses in the specialized certificate program?

Please contact the site coordinator in your location for information regarding tuition.

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Summer Institute for Catechetical Leadership

What is the Summer Institute for Catechetical Leadership?

The Summer Institute for Catholic School Leadership is an annual on-campus event that provides professional development for new and veteran members of Catholic school leadership teams. Themes are based on interests identified by Catholic school and parish leaders including directors of religious education, faith formation leaders, school principals, catechetical leaders, and teachers. Topics have included The Catholic Spiritual Leader, The Vocation of Communication, and Spiritual Leadership.

How can I become a participant in the Summer Institute for Catechetical Leadership?

Individuals may register online or by completing and mailing in the registration form, see More Information.

What is the cost of the Summer Institute?

The cost of the Summer Institute can be found on the Summer Institute webpage, available here.

How can I get more information?

Contact Diane Dougherty at or 504.865.3727.

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