Faculty + Staff

Diane M. Blair, M.A.P.S., Manager of Admissions and On-Campus Student Services
Assistance with beginning LPLC sites and certificates, and status of application materials and certificates 
E-mail: dblair@loyno.edu
Phone: (800) 777-5469 ext. 3399 or (504) 865-3399

Diane Dougherty, Recruitment and Evaluation Coordinator
Assistance with arranging for local publicity, recruiting, and sending promotional materials.
E-mail: dmdoughe@loyno.edu
Phone: (800) 777-5469 ext. 3727 or (504) 865-3727

Cynthia Lee, Registration Coordinator
Course registration, roster and tuition issues
E-mail: limexreg@loyno.edu
Phone: (800) 777-5469 ext. 3726 or (504) 865-3726

Thomas Ryan, Ph.D., Director
Visits with bishops, overall content of curriculum, is present at local graduation ceremonies, completes site visits, administration, administrative and academic policy questions, and waivers
E-mail: tfryan@loyno.edu
Phone: (800) 777-5469 ext. 2069 or (504) 865-2069