About the Law Clinic

The Stuart H. Smith Law Clinic and Center for Social Justice is a fully functioning live-client legal clinic which allows third-year law students the opportunity to represent indigent clients under the supervision of experienced attorneys. Read more about client eligibility.

By participating in the law clinic, student practitioners not only have the chance to experience firsthand what representing clients is like, but they also have an opportunity to further the Jesuit ideals of scholarship and service at Loyola by providing legal representation to the needy.

The clinic is designed to complement and build upon the first two years of traditional legal education. One of the ideas behind the clinic is that students learn most effectively by participating in their own education. Clinic students have the opportunity to participate in a wide variety of experiences including interviewing, counseling, research and writing, drafting pleadings and appeals, negotiating, mediating, arguing before judges and juries and appearing in court to examine and cross-examine witnesses.

Many students find the clinic to be the most invigorating and the most challenging part of their legal education. For most clinic students, time spent representing people who need help is a time when learning comes alive.