Reports  include items produced by our fellows, associates, or colleagues which are not part of our regular publications—the JustSouth Quarterly and the JustSouth E-Newsletter.

The State of Working Mississippi 

The Jesuit Social Research Institute (JSRI) released the State of Working Mississippi 2016 report to coincide with the recent Labor Day holiday. The report examines current and historical data related to wages, labor force participation, job market, education, assets and poverty in Mississippi. It also includes proposed policy solutions related to the findings.

2016 Report 
2016 Summary 

JustSouth Index 

By measuring and comparing all 50 states and Washington, D.C. on nine social justice-related indicators, the JustSouth Index provides a strong starting point for determining not only where inequity is most problematic but also what systemic factors contribute to the inequity. The JustSouth Index also provides guidance regarding how citizens and leaders in the Gulf South can change this picture.

2016 Report

State Scorecards 

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Too Much for Too Many: What does it cost families to live in Louisiana?

This report provides an account of how tens of thousands of Louisiana families—of various sizes, compositions, and locations—lack adequate income sources to sustain family economic security and human dignity.

2015 Report 

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