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Institute staff and collaborators disseminate their research and analysis and education on Institute core issues of race, poverty, and migration, their interconnections, and Catholic Social Teaching through a variety of publications and reports:

The JustSouth E-News are short essays by JSRI staff or guest writers about JSRI issues published monthly. It also includes recent staff activities, upcoming Institute events, and “action alerts” about pressing social policy matters. View archives »

The JustSouth Quarterly is the principle journal for in-depth research and writing of the Institute staff and collaborators. It reflects our research, analysis and education, as well as content from our periodic conferences and events. View archives »

The JSRI Take Five for Social Justice video series features short interviews with researchers, advocates, and educators from Loyola University New Orleans or elsewhere in the Jesuit world on their cutting-edge social justice-related work. A major goal is to help our JSRI audience gain, in a short amount of time, insight into an important social justice issue and to inspire viewers to learn more about the issue, question their own assumptions about social problems, and/or to take action to address injustices that may be discussed during these presentations.

In addition, the Institute publishes occasional issue papers, the texts of addresses by the staff and colleagues, and JSRI conference documents as free-standing reports to supplement our regular publications. View archives »

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Quarterly: JustSouth Quarterly Winter 2021

Keeping Promises, CST, The Moral Imperative to End Solitary Confinement, Hunger in the U.S.

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E-Newsletter: Environmental Injustice in Louisiana

Deacon Kellerman speaks on the impacts of environmental racism.

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E-Newsletter: Our Dangerous Times: Bigotry and the Big Lie

Dr. Kalob addresses the state of our democracy.

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Report: Take Five For Social Justice: Dr. Howard on the Jan. 6 Siege on the Capitol

The guest speaker for the January 12, 2021, edition of Take Five for Social Justice is Dr. Ashley Howard. Dr. Howard received a Ph.D. in history from the University of Illinois and taught history at Loyola University New Orleans from 2012 to 2019. In 2019 Dr. Howard received the Excellence in Teaching Award from the Loyola University New Orleans Faculty Senate. Dr. Howard has written extensively about how the intersection of race, class, gender, and region have played critical and overlapping roles in defining resistance to racialized oppression in the United States and she is widely recognized as a leading scholar on “urban rebellions” in the U.S. 

In this interview with JSRI Fellow Dr. Sue Weishar, Dr. Howard discusses political violence in U.S. History, the siege on the Capitol, and social progress.

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E-Newsletter: A Determined Woman Shares Her Story: SAHI Webinar Sheds Light on Mass Incarceration

Dr. Sue Weishar discusses a recent webinar with Loyola Students Against Hyper-Incarceration (SAHI).

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E-Newsletter: A Call for Prayer, Humility, and Listening: Our election aftermath

Ted Penton, SJ speaks to polarization and unity.

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E-Newsletter: Catholics and Voting: The Call to Faithful Citizenship

 Fr. Kammer reflects on issues important to Catholics in the upcoming election.

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E-Newsletter: Black Lives Matter and the Costs of Calumny

Deacon Kellerman addresses the Catholic response to Black Lives Matter.

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Quarterly: JustSouth Quarterly Summer 2020

Undocumented Immigrants and COVID-19, Catholic Social Thought and the Coronavirus, Race and COVID-19, Workers and COVID-19

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E-Newsletter: What's next for Dreamers?

Dr. Weishar reflects on the Supreme Court's recent DACA ruling.

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