State of Texas Children 2017 Child Well-Being in the Rio Grande Valley

We all want a bright future for our children, and we want the Rio Grande Valley to be a place that makes that bright future possible. As the area’s economy and population grow, its future depends on the health, education, and financial security of all its children – across neighborhood, income, immigration status, race and ethnicity.1

Located on the U.S.-Mexico border, the Rio Grande Valley is a place of rich culture and possibilities. However, on many indicators of children’s health, education and financial security, the Valley is not doing as well as Texas overall, revealing a pattern of disinvestment in children’s futures.

In order to “raise the bar” in child well-being for all Rio Grande Valley area kids, we have to “close the gaps” in outcomes between children. Doing this means intentionally breaking down obstacles and creating equitable opportunities for good health, an excellent education, and economic security for every child. This is the only way to ensure the Rio Grande Valley’s economic future is strong for both businesses and families.

This Rio Grande Valley report is part of a larger series of reports in the Texas Kids Count project that focuses on equity in child well-being across Texas and in several of its major metro areas. See more at