Protect the ‘Dreamers’ and don’t build more walls

United Church youth group members

We are members of the Youth Initiation to Adulthood program at the United Church of Santa Fe, a United Church of Christ, and we believe Congress should act to protect “Dreamers” and not build more walls. We believe immigration authorities should not be allowed to do as they please with young people who grew up here, went to the same schools we do, have the same dreams, and are just like us.

Other than Native Americans, we are all immigrants from somewhere. Any of us could have been a Dreamer.

To send today’s Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals or Dreamers back to a country and to a language they do not know, where they do not have family or friends to help them, is not right. That story would be one of shock, horror and despair for them and for us.

The Dreamers’ stories are stories of hope — that they can have a happy and successful life, that society will accept them rather than disown them because they have no citizenship papers, and that we can make a difference in their lives.