Press Conference Nov. 15 and Prayer Vigil Nov. 17 for Immigrant Justice

Please see announcement, below, from the Congress of Day Laborers and the Greater New Orleans Interfaith Sanctuary Coalition about important events addressing the terror confronting the New Orleans immigrant community. Both actitivities are at First Grace Methodist Church in New Orleans, 3401 Canal Street. We especially need faith leaders and people of faith to make every effort to attend! Thank you!

Immigrant Rights Leaders Under Attack: A Community Briefing, Strategy Session and Press Conference  

Jose Torres is a Jefferson Parish dad and undocumented human rights leader who is taking a stand against the senseless destruction of his family and others.

We urge you to join the Congress of Day Laborers and Interfaith Sanctuary Coalition of New Orleans for a Briefing and Strategy Session on the local state of immigrant rights one year into Donald Trump’s election, and to hear directly from Jose Torres, an undocumented leader facing immediate deportation. 

Jose survived human trafficking upon arrival to the US, and escaped to join the New Orleans community to help us rebuild after the storm. Jose continued on to build his dream in our community, raising his family here. Jose is a longtime civil rights leader who helped establish designated spaces for Day Laborers to safely seek work in Gretna, has actively fought for New Orleans’ Anti-Bias policies, and supports families with loved ones in detention. 

Jose’s U.S. citizen daughters Kimberly, 2, and Julissa, 8, are both chronically ill and rely on him to survive. Due to this, Jose was granted prosecutorial discretion by ICE just last year. But now, ICE now has given Jose just days to leave the country. His next ICE check-in is November 15th. 

Even in the face of this injustice, Jose continues to resist and speak out against ICE’s immorality, which impacts thousands of other New Orleans-area families. 

We urge you to join us on November 15th at 10 AM at 3401 Canal Street to hear how you can stand with Jose and all of the immigrant community in New Orleans!

Please also mark your calendar for a follow-up action on Friday the 17th at 4:30 pm at 3401 Canal Street New Orleans, LA.