About the Grants

The Jesuit Social Research Institute is pleased to announce the opening of the 2014 Keller Family Summer Research Grant application process, made possible by the Keller Family Foundation. Four grants of $2,200 each will be awarded as stipends for summer research, writing, and presentations.  Graduate, law, and undergraduate students are eligible.

The purpose of the grants is to incentivize and support Loyola University students from various disciplines to pursue research in the field of social justice in the city of New Orleans, the metropolitan area, or the State of Louisiana, specifically on the topics of racism, poverty, and migration (e.g. immigration, migrant workers, trafficking).  The grants aim to nurture a new generation of social justice scholars and practitioners, foster innovative and interdisciplinary scholarship about social justice and social services work, and improve the lives of low-income and disadvantaged individuals, families, and communities. 

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The applicant is responsible for submitting a complete packet of materials on or before the application deadline.  Incomplete packets will not be considered.  A complete packet contains the following materials: 

I.           Completed Application Form

II.        Current official academic transcript

III.     Sign-off on the application from faculty research supervisor

IV.     A two page, double spaced personal statement describing your:

1.      Background.

2.      General preparedness to undertake project or program of study.

3.      Any previous research experience and social justice related work.

4.      How your proposed research/study plan fits into your broader educational goals and relates to social justice, and

5.      Expectations of how your research/ study will contribute to your overall education at Loyola University.

V.  Optional: A student may attach any letters of endorsement from other faculty, local agency personnel, or service learning supervisor.



Applications and all supporting materials must be received on or before

March 31, 2014—4:30 PM


Submit by email to:


AND submit by hard copy to JSRI offices, Suite 306, Mercy Hall