Early headstart only serves 3 percent eligibles


JSRI advocacy includes a focus on issues at the national level which impact Gulf South residents who have low and moderate incomes, people of color, and people on the move in the region. 

Criminal Justice Reform

Out of Control: Pope Denounces Criminal Justice Systems

By Alex Mikulich, Ph.D. [JustSouth Monthly, November 2014]

Payday Lending Reform 

Six Myths of Payday Lending

By Alex Mikulich, Ph.D. [JustSouth Quarterly, Spring 2014]

Dealing for the Devil: Legislatures Protect Business that Preys on the Poor

By Alex Mikulich, Ph.D. [JustSouth Monthly, April 2014]

Raising the Minimum Wage

Honor Our Sacred Obligation: Raise the Minimum Wage

By Alex Mikulich, Ph.D. [JustSouth Monthly, February 2015]

Raise the Minimum Wage! It's a Matter of Justice

By Fr. Fred Kammer, S.J. [JustSouth E- Newsletter, February 2014] 

Minimum Wage: Gateway to Worker Dignity 

By Fr. Fred Kammer, S.J. [JustSouth E-Newsletter, July 2013]

Health Care Reform 

Refusing to Expand Medicaid: Political Decisions with Deadly Consequences

By Fred Kammer, S.J. [JustSouth Monthly, September 2014]

The Affordable Care Act: Who, Why, and What?

By Fred Kammer, S.J. [JustSouth Quarterly, Winter 2013]

Their Stake in Mediciad Expansion: State Medicaid Decisions Impact People of Color 

By Fred Kammer, S.J. [JustSouth E-Newsletter, April 2013]

Health Care Reform for Some: Governors play politics with health of low-income citizens

By Fred Kammer, S.J. [JustSouth E-Newsletter, August 2012]

The Federal Budget

Federal budget decisions are critically important to those concerns and to trying to provide a basic level of income supports and services to those Gulf South families in need. See, for example:

Who will pay for the debt deal? Debt deal heaps heavier burden on the most vulnerable Americans

By Alex Mikulich, Ph.D. [JustSouth E-Newsletter, August 2011]

A budget moral framework
What is more important than debt, deficit, and tax reduction?

By Fr. Fred Kammer, SJ [JustSouth E-Newsletter, April 2011]

Economics or morality?
When a budget is not an economics exercise

By Fr. Fred Kammer, SJ [JustSouth E-Newsletter, February 2011] 


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Banner photograph: the Statue of Liberty represents our country's ideal of welcoming people on the move.