Bishop, advocates oppose Mississippi bill to outlaw sanctuary cities

By Maureen Smith Catholic News Service, February 17, 2017 


JACKSON, Miss. (CNS) -- A bill that would keep agencies, cities and college campuses in Mississippi from offering sanctuary to unauthorized immigrants would not keep communities safe and goes against the Christian tenet of caring for those in need, said Bishop Joseph R. Kopacz of Jackson.

He issued a statement Feb. 15 opposing S.B. 2710, also known as the "sanctuary cities" bill, which passed the state Senate in a 32-16 vote Feb. 9. The bill goes to the state House for consideration.

The measure would prohibit cities and institutions of higher learning from declaring themselves sanctuary cities. There are currently no sanctuary cities in the state, although the city of Jackson proposed such a declaration last year.

"As Christians we are called to welcome the stranger and care for those in need. As citizens, we are called to keep our communities strong and safe. We feel that the so-called 'sanctuary cities' bill being debated right now in the Mississippi Legislature damages both of those efforts," wrote Bishop Kopacz.


The State of Working Mississippi 

JSRI released the State of Working Mississippi Report to coincide with the recent Labor Day holiday. The report examples current and historical data related to wages, labor force participation, job market, education, assets and poverty in Mississippi. It also includes proposed policy solutions related to the findings. Please click HERE for a summary of the report's findings. 

Dr. Sue Weishar is the lead JSRI liaison to Mississippi groups, assisted by other staff as appropriate.

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