Tax Fairness: An Answer to Florida’s Budget Problems

by Keyston Research Center 

In Florida, the very highest‐income residents are getting richer: the top one percent of taxpayers—those who earned average income of $1.49 million in 2012—now get nearly a third of all the state’s income. They also pay less of their income in taxes than everyone else—less than a quarter of the rate of the middle class. If these high income earners paid taxes at the same rate as middle‐class Floridians, the state could solve many of its budget problems—raising an eye‐popping $10.2 billion per year for education, infrastructure, health care and other essential services, pensions and environmental protection.  FULL REPORT>> 


Fr. Fred Kammer, SJ, is the lead JSRI liaison to Florida groups, assisted by other staff as appropriate.

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