Spetses Temple Ruins

Spetses Tuition and Fees

  • Tuition is $900 per credit hour. (Note: Financial aid is available from most law schools, including Loyola). 
  • Students will be assessed a $25 application fee upon submission of their applications. 
  • A program activity fee of $275 covers program activities fee will cover student health insurance, course materials, orientation materials, admission fees to program-sponsored field trips, and opening and closing receptions. 
  • Students should expect a roundtrip flight (from New Orleans to Athens) cost of approximately $1,400.00 - $2,000.00. 
  • Students should expect miscellaneous expenses (passport or travel fees, fees for optional program tours and excursions not covered by the program activities fee, spending money, taxis, hydrofoils and ferries, etc.) of approximately $1,400.00. 
  • Due to the advance preparations and costs inherent in presenting a law program abroad, no tuition refunds are possible after June 1, 2015.