Austrian Parliament Vienna

Program Highlights - Vienna

The Vienna course offerings are unique among foreign summer programs because of their flexibility. The array of offerings enables students to select the courses that satisfy their curricular and budgetary needs. Students with less available time are able to fit the shorter courses into their work schedules. Combined with the rich travel opportunities near Vienna, the program has grown in popularity every year. Beginning Monday, June 30, we offer a two-week, three-credit course entitled Comparative Legal Systems: Austria, Germany, and the United States.

Professor Richard Gamauf, a leading scholar from Vienna, and Loyola Professor Dane Ciolino teach the course. The course includes visits to the Parliament, the Constitutional Court, and a Court of Appeals. The introduction to the civil law and its comparison to the common law are, to many, the most interesting parts of the course. Other students particularly enjoy the European Union aspect of instruction. The students’ appraisal of the course for the past 15 years has been excellent, and the ABA evaluation of the program termed it “first rate.” One of last year’s participants wrote, “Everything with the program was top-notch, including the class, which I found to be the most informative and stimulating class I have taken in law school.”

On Friday afternoon, July 4, the group will take the train to Prague, one of the most exciting cities in Europe, and enjoy a three-day stay. On Monday morning, July 7, class is held in Prague. The group will return to Vienna by train that afternoon. The final exam will be given on Saturday morning, July 12. Following the first course, the group embarks on an optional three-day trip to Salzburg, with its mighty fortress nestled in the picturesque foothills to the Alps.

Then on Tuesday, July 15, students have the option of joining the second phase of the summer program. Three one-hour seminars will be presented over the following two weeks, and students may select two of their choice: 1. International Courts and Tribunals; 2. Introduction to European Union Law; 3. International Sales Law. Each seminar class meets for 90 minutes each day (Tuesday through Friday).

Following the first four seminar class days, on Friday, July 18, the group travels to Venice for a three-day weekend. The seminar classes resume on Tuesday, July 22, and the exams will be given on Saturday, July 26.

Students participate in the rich array of cultural offerings available in the imperial city of Vienna, both individually and in groups. Guided group tours of such institutions as the world-famous Kunsthistorisches Museum (Habsburg collection), the Schönbrunn, the Belvedere, nearby cathedrals, and the renowned Café Central are conducted daily after class. These are informal and optional tours for which the students bear the cost of any admission fees. Many students explore Vienna with the guided tour book provided by the program. Vienna is filled with fine restaurants, unique coffee houses, and diverse evening entertainment. The summer brings lively outdoor activity to the city from nightly film festivals to classical concerts.