Program Highlights - Mexico

While lower cost compared to Europe is certainly a consideration, we feel the main feature of our program is the opportunity to be exposed to the fascinating foreign experience of Mexico. Mexican culture is a mixture of Spanish European civilization with pre-Colombian Indian cultures that still have a strong impact today

We will explore Mexican culture by taking optional weekend trips to cultural sites. These trips, except for hotel and meals, are included in the program cost. They are enjoyable and add to the camaraderie that develops in a shared foreign experience. We will visit both pre-Colombian and Spanish colonial sites. The first weekend is spent in Mexico City, where we will experience the pre-Hispanic pyramids of Teotihuacan, larger in volume than the Egyptian pyramids, the Shrine of Guadalupe, as well as the attractions of the second largest city in the world. The second weekend we will visit the caves of Xochicalco, the mountain village of Tepotzlan and experience colonial Mexico by visiting Taxco, probably the most beautiful of Mexico's colonial cities. Both trips include an optional weekend stay. All transportation (not including hotel and meals) is included in the program cost. Some students take an optional weekend trip to Acapulco on their own.