Optional Spanish Language Program - Mexico

In keeping with our program’s philosophy of providing a full cultural experience, we have arranged with the Cuernavaca Language School to offer a special discounted price for a course especially designed for our students. This course involves a reduced Spanish immersion course arranged around the students’ schedule. The cost for this course is $300 for two weeks and $400 for three weeks.

Part of the language program is optional placement with selected Mexican families for a cost of approximately $30 a day, including meals. The Language School places only students enrolled in its course with Mexican families. Students in this program will be expected to attend two 50-minute periods of class per day, Monday through Friday, and 90 minutes of cultural class, if possible. Students in the short course may schedule 4 hours of law school classes.

In addition, family members and friends accompanying our students may enroll in the full immersion course, which involves more classroom hours, as well as cultural activities. They will receive a special Loyola discount price of $552 for three weeks, and may continue at the reduced price if they wish. This also involves living with a Mexican family if the student and companion so desire. We will accept registrations for the school if you inform us that you or a companion wishes to schedule one of the courses. Please remember: students in the law school program may take only the reduced course; companions may take the full immersion course if they wish. If you wish for us to reserve a place for you, please send us the application and accommodations form in the language school brochure. If a companion registers for the full course with the language school, be sure to mention that you are with the Loyola program in order to receive the discounted price.

Students who elect to take language classes should be aware that demands on their time will be great and should not enroll unless they are really dedicated to learning Spanish and devoting the extra time necessary to do so. Students who have this attitude have profited from the course in past years. Unfortunately, the language school offers no refunds, except for emergencies, so it is not possible to try the course and then drop out. Students who elect to take the course contract directly with the Language School on registration day and deal only with them once the course has started. Loyola has no responsibility for the Language School contract. The Language School is located in a beautiful facility, approximately 30 to 45 minutes by bus from the hotel, or 10 to 15 minutes by taxis that are very inexpensive, especially if students ride together. Homes of the Mexican families are located close to the hotel campus site, usually within walking distance.