Lodging + Accomodations - Mexico

Hotel and Daily Expenses 

Approximately $35 (contingent on exchange rate) a day (triple occupancy) covers lodging at the campus site in Mexico. Double and single rooms are also available. Students may also elect to arrange their own housing. Students can obtain breakfast, lunch, and dinner for a total of about $30 a day from dozens of restaurants in the neighborhood. Students can anticipate approximately $1,360 in total lodging and food expenses, if they maintain these comfortable budgets.

In Cuernavaca, our campus is the Hotel Posada Jacarandas, famed for its beautiful gardens. Students are housed in large triple-occupancy rooms with spacious bath-and-a-half and ample storage space. The hotel grounds are spectacular, with spacious, beautifully-tended gardens, tennis, handball, volleyball, basketball, and soccer courts, and three pools, including a lovely grotto pool. The hotel is located close to downtown Cuernavaca in a neighborhood with restaurants, shopping centers, movie theaters, and more.

Students who elect to stay at the Jacarandas will pay the full amount (non-refundable) upon registration the first day. Payment can be made by cash, credit card, or traveler’s checks. No personal checks. Students may not stay at the hotel for a few days to shop around because if they leave the hotel, Loyola would have to pick up their share to keep their roommate’s rate as advertised. Students who wish to stay at the hotel for a few days to look around must register on their own without mentioning the Loyola group and pay regular prices. Students enrolled in the Cuernavaca Language School have the additional option of living with a Mexican family. The language school will not arrange lodging with families for persons not enrolled in the language school.


Roundtrip airfare to Mexico City for the summer session is approximately $500 for most southern and western cities. Cities in the northeast or far northwest may have a higher fare. Rates are subject to change, and less expensive rates exist in some instances. Once you arrive in the Mexico City Airport, you will be able to take a bus directly from the airport to Cuernavaca. Simple instructions will be provided telling you how to catch the bus at the airport and how to get a taxi to the hotel when you arrive in Cuernavaca. For those students taking the language course and living with Mexican families, transportation to housing in Cuernavaca will be arranged by program personnel once you reach the hotel. The cost of the bus from the airport to Cuernavaca is approximately $10. Taxi-fare from the bus station to the hotel should be approximately $3 to $5, depending in part on your luggage.