The Host Country - Costa Rica

The main feature of our program, of course, is the opportunity to be exposed to the fascinating foreign experience of Costa Rica. The oldest democracy in Latin America and the only country in the region without a standing army, Costa Rica is a place of economic dynamism and enormous natural beauty. San Jose itself has cultural centers, theaters that are historic monuments, and museums that highlight the country’s colorful past.

The main attraction of Costa Rica, however, lies in its exceptional natural beauty, manifested in the extraordinary variety of ecosystems, all fairly accessible because of the small size of the country. From volcanic rain forests to sunny Atlantic and Pacific coast beaches, Costa Rica has it all. We take advantage of this by offering an optional weekend trip to a rain forest and volcano or to one of Costa Rica’s beautiful beaches. By experiencing the busy tempo of San Jose as well as some of the natural beauty of the countryside, we will sample the diversity of this compact, fascinating land.

The site of our program will be San Jose, the economic heart of Costa Rica. San Jose is home to the largest industries, law firms, and universities. We’ll be lodging at the Villa Tournon Hotel, near the heart of San Jose and a few steps away from one of the main shopping districts with numerous restaurants, movie theaters, and clubs.